The Thriving Force Online Programme


Do you want to feel fit, healthy and mentally resilient?

Do you long to build thriving relationships and meaningful connections?

Are you yearning for a greater sense of purpose, and the motivation to set and achieve stretching goals?

Do you dream of living with an inner sense of peace and calm, regardless of what life throws at you?

Do you realise that this is all achievable – and within reach?

If this is you, then it’s time to learn a little more about The Thriving Force Programme.


Part One - Thriving Inwards

By the time you finish the Thriving Inwards part of the course, you’ll understand how to make self-care habits stick, how to silence your Inner Critic and create a compassionate and supportive Inner Mentor. You will have removed the blocks to low confidence and lack of self-belief, and have a self-care regime that increases your energy and joy levels.


Part Two – Thriving Relationships

This part of the Programme will provide insight into why some relationships are draining and challenging, and how to create a positive shift to a healthier dynamic. You will experience ‘aha’ moments when you realise why conflict arises – and how to manage it, as well as learn how to successfully tackle tricky conversations. You’ll learn how to influence and make a positive impact too. The Forgiveness Questionnaire is an invaluable tool to enable you to navigate difficult experiences and loosen resentment, grudges and bitterness which, after all, are harming only you. There are 2 guided visualisations too, to support you to keep the most valuable relationships in your life on track.


Part Three – Thriving on Purpose 

During my 3-year research project, I discovered that being clear about your Purpose is vital to thriving in life. I also discovered there the 5 Components of Purpose and have developed a Purpose Questionnaire that enables you to uncover your purpose in every area of your life. This Part of the Programme takes you step-by-step through the process of identifying your core values and applying the 5 Components of Purpose in your own life, to finally gain clarity of purpose. You will also learn how to set goals and keep stretching yourself towards achieving them. There are practical and immediately applicable tips on building confidence and busting through fear, so that there’s nothing to hold you back!

Part Four – Thrive Every Day

Wouldn’t it be incredible to wake up every day, knowing that you had the skills and insights to thrive, regardless of what lay ahead? In this Part, you’ll be introduced to rituals that will support you to thrive and tips on how to create Cheerleaders and Challengers in your tribe who will help you flourish. Both mental and emotional resilience are invaluable in enabling us to ‘bounce forward’ and I share the practical tips from my research that will enable you to maintain constant levels of both.

What Delegates Say About The Thriving Force Programme, and Its Impact on Their Lives


"This course has prompted me to think deeply about issues that I had not previously recognised as important to my life- my values and purpose in the different areas of it.  I now see that those things are key.  Not knowing that has held me back both personally and as to the quality of my relationships; realising their importance has allowed me to grow and my relationships to flourish. My thought processes have shifted so that I reflect more before I speak, framing my interactions with others in a way that makes my desired outcomes more possible. I have benefitted from a regular morning routine which inspires me and sets up my day." 

Paula, Thriving Force Programme Attendee


"Self care has been the biggest change in my life since taking part in the thriver programme.  For 9 months I have established and stuck to my morning routine...Forming positive, healthy routines and rituals have helped my overall mindset and wellbeing...I also view myself and others much more positively and with more compassion.  My awareness of how I react has increased and therefore I can improve it...Forgiveness and areas around mental health have been so rewarding and this programme has allowed me to take back control of my mind. Outstanding learning and inspiring presenter and guests.  The book is an excellent and uplifting read but supported by the programme is so powerful.  I would highly recommend." 

Clare, Thriving Force Programme Attendee.


"Emma Bell’s course which accompanies her book, 9 Secrets to Thriving, is a must for anyone wanting to grow and recover after the pandemic, or indeed anyone who is looking for meaning and hope in their life. The course explains how 50 “Thrivers” not only survived but thrived during periods of extreme stress and/or hardship. The lessons and traits these “thrivers” have in common...range from self care to forgiveness and are taught by Emma in a way that is both inspirational and uplifting, and at times deeply moving. The course allows you to connect with others facing a similar issue to your own..and is supported throughout by the audio book..I would recommend this to anyone looking for practical tips to enrich their life or anyone who is seeking a better way of coping with either a traumatic event, or general day to day difficulties." 

Heather, Thriving Force Programme Attendee


"The Thriving Force Programme has turned my life around, not because I had any major incidents or issues, but because I needed help to really focus on what matters most to me.  I have gained so much confidence since the start of the programme, loving myself properly for the first time! I have better relationships with the people that matter to me, I have forgiven people that have hurt me and I only worry about things I can control! This programme has made a huge difference to me and my family and work, I wish I had been told all these things years ago, but I don’t worry about that as the most important thing in my life now is knowing how to thrive moving forwards."

Matt, Thriving Force Programme Attendee


"Of all the courses I have ever done academically or from a self development perspective (I have done many!), this has had  the most profound impact.  It’s holistic, challenging and the benefits are bountiful."

Charlie, Thriving Force Programme Attendee


This programme was like it was made to measure, it fitted me like a glove, which surprised me. Yes, I had expected good content knowing the designer and facilitator Emma Bell… what I did not expect was how it spoke to my inner self in a way no other PDP has before. In a nutshell it has ‘enriched my life’, and I am now on a journey that I know for certain will fulfil my potential.  I have an inner knowing and tingle of excitement for who I am and who I will become.

Heather G, Thriving Force Programme Attendee

*Note: I have the practice of checking whether course attendees who want to leave a testimonial, would prefer to do so anonymously. Those mentioned here have agreed that I can use their first name.

Here is what you can enjoy when you join The Thriving Force Programme


Access to 25+ coaching videos.


A downloadable workbook that accompanies each video to help you embed learning and identify the changes you can make to thrive, right now.


A coaching video at the end of each section that supports you to set goals and make lasting changes in your life.


Guided visualisations and questionnaires to support you to achieve change.


The opportunity to attend a quarterly 2-hour Masterclass (for free) to take a deep-dive into the topics covered and work with other delegates who want to make changes in their lives too.


You will become a member of The Thriving Force Programme Community which is an online interactive community where I will share blogs, answer questions, provide even more valuable content - and give you the opportunity to share your successes - and get advice about overcoming obstacles too.


All for the incredible price of just £195